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Building Plot

Pitchcroft Lane, Newport

Premiership Town & Country have recently ventured into the realms of Eco Sustainable Developments; we had retained a parcel of land in Shropshire which was adjacent to one of our Barn conversion developments on the belief that one day we would be successful in obtaining planning permission for a single dwelling. We tried on several occasions to seek planning permission to be told that it fell outside of the current criteria and perhaps the site would never be developed. Thinking positively along with our Architect we approached the planners with an Eco Sustainable proposition giving us much of what we originally designed to blend seamlessly with our nearby development and its surroundings. We were at this time informed by the planning authority that if a proposition was presented to them that would meet code level 6 requirements it may be looked upon with some considerations. We set off to seek the Code 6 criteria, taking several months of research, consulting with many specialists within this field came up with a scheme that met the code, finally presenting a Full Application to the Planners in September 2013 – whereby we were granted permission to build. We thank all the specialist and professionals bodies who guided us through the minefield of the Code of Sustainable Homes; these have been added to our links page.

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